Marie Claire Poitras

MC for short !. Looking forward to share and discover with you many dishes from around the world and from Galicia with a touch of decoration. Join me in our Live Cooking Class.

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My Story

In the Tech sector for 35+ years, I travelled the planet and lived in different countries starting from my homeland Canada, then Chicago, French Riviera, Brussels, Munich, Madrid and now north of Spain, Galicia.

Moving for business reasons, I quickly immersed myself in the local and gastronomic customs, often creating my own dishes.... now they call it “fusion”, I call it just being creative.

In the last years, my heart settled in Galicia with the promise of sunshine and the endless offering of regional dishes. The diversity of seafood, fish, meats and abundance of fruits and vegetables allowed my creative mind to continue to surprise my guests family and friends with new dishes.

With a nice splash of local Rias Baixas wine, I look forward to bring and share this passion to all of you around the world.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.