Eat a bit more healthy and creative in these times of Covid

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

It’s more important than ever to eat a bit more healthy, so we are going to show you how to put simple plates together. It’s all about balance. Everyone has a different reason to cook, some of us do it for relaxation, some of you like a challenge, some of you just love cooking and exploring new dishes.

In these MESA ÚNICA classes: we’ll teach you to make easy dressings for a variety of salads. We’ll be showing you different ways to prepare and cook lots of vegetables. We’ll be showing you how to cook beans that are perfect, rice that is crispy and preserving some of summer's bounty so you can enjoy it straight off your shelf. As a good example, browse through our Spring class dish,

And then there’s all the sweet dishes that your friends want you to bring over to their house. From decadent chocolate peanut butter cookies, summer fruit open tarts and to some easy showstoppers. We will give you the confidence to put a fun dinner party together, from choosing wine, maybe you don’t drink and you want to do a Sophisticated beverage to go with your food. Getting the atmosphere right for your table, suggesting a playlist for the evening, You’ll be in good hands. We are like you, we want to have a fun filled evening. We’ll be taking you to the local fish markets to see a variety of fish that can be healthy and easy to cook. Everyone’s butcher is different but we’ll guide you through the maze of different cuts and show you how to turn a piece of meat into your favorite dish for the family.

OK, let’s get back to cooking. A lot of the dishes that were going to show you will be on the healthier side of the spectrum. We like to use good olive oil, for use in dressings and for dipping some good crusty bread in. We like to go to the farmers markets to see what the season has to offer and most importantly, to support the hard working farmers.

So we are here to help you out. We’re going to show you some nifty tricks, we’re going to show you some basic recipes, we’re going to make cooking fun, and help you be successful executing a dinner for friends, a casual BBQ or just dinner got two.

Now, to be successful in anything you do, you have to be ahead of the game and that means doing some preparation before you execute any dish. We will show you how to prepare your space, some of you have tiny kitchens and some of you have professional kitchens.

Either way, you will all have to chop onions the same way. Getting yourself into a cooking space is just like having a yoga mat. Having a knife that feels comfortable in your hand is also important. A medium sized chopping knife that has a comfortable feel, is half the battle.

Most recipes will require you to weigh and measure things. Today you can find inexpensive digital weighing scales and measuring vessels online and while you're there, order a couple of wooden chopping boards, one for chopping savory items and one for sweet things like fruit. It's good to keep them separate. It’s also handy to have several small bowls to put your ingredients in.

Finding fun bowls is so much fun.

I know most of us haven’t been able to take vacations because of Covid, but when things get back to somewhat normal and you find yourself in a small country town far from home, We always look to find small ceramic bowls that we can use in our kitchen. Not only are they useful, but I’m reminded of the relaxing time spent in the area. Memories are like dreams, they come and go whenever they want.

We all have a collection of beautiful cookbooks and we love flicking through them to get inspiration, remember we eat with our eyes and usually get very hungry after this endeavor. So it’s usually a combination of what looks good in the cookbook and what’s available at the market that decides dinner for most of us. This is not a committed decision that you have to make. I think some of us get disappointed when we have decided to make a dish from the cookbook and find that you can’t find a particular ingredient at the market. There’s no need to panic. This is where you get to trust your own palette and give dishes your interpretation of what combination of flavors work well together.

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