Time for Fajitas

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Let's cook together this fun and healthy Fajita meal. All around us in Galicia, onions, peppers and tomatoesd are ready to be harvested ! TIME for FAJITAS . We will teach you how to prepare a simple CHICKEN FAJITA. 🎁 As a BONUS, you will learn tips such as how to BROWN your chicken or meat to avoid a soggy taste and how to bring all the flavors out of your greens, slowly but surely PRIOR to the class, you will receive a list of all ingredients needed to prepare the recipes along with any steps you may have to do before the start of your class. DURING the class, you will learn to cook through simple steps and tricks by COOKING ALONG with our chefs. We will answer any doubts or questions as you progress through each recipe. We always have a nice tip, skill or anecdote to surprise you during the class. AFTER the class, you will have access to all detailed recipes. ✔INGREDIENTS: The main ingredients are tortillas, chicken, onions, peppers, tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, oil and spices. (A detailed shopping list will be sent when you book). -PRICE is per connection, so join in with your family, partner, friend.... -LEVEL : 1 FORK (simple) -MAXIMUM: 10 connections at a time per class -LANGUAGE: ENGLISH -CONNECTION: via ZOOM (connection information will be sent few days prior to the class)

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